GameCourt® Track Surface

GameCourt® is a seamless polyurethane, dual durometer multipurpose indoor sports flooring system. The GameCourt® system features a recycled rubber based mat and polyurethanes that are 100% free of mercury and heavy-metals creating a floor that’s as safe as it is durable.

The dual duromoter construction of GameCourt® provides excellent shock absorption, constistent playing characteristics, excellent ball rebound, durability and a high resistance to rolling loads.


  1. Matte Finish Top Coat Layer
  2. Durable Wear Coat Layer
  3. Seal Coat Layers
  4. Shock Absorbing Rubber Base
  5. Adhesive Layer


GameCourt® Multipurpose Indoor Sports Flooring System is available in 6mm-17mm thicknesses.

Standard Colors

Line Colors

*Colors shown are approximations.